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How to choose a stainless steel kettle?

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Stainless steel is very suitable for making kettles that people generally use when traveling. As stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and hygienic, it is very suitable for use in homes, hotels, offices, etc. Moreover, its metal strength is high, suitable for different surface treatment processes, and its appearance is simple and beautiful. So how should we buy stainless steel kettles?

stainless steel kettle

1. According to their own situation and actual needs, a 1.0L~1.2L electric kettle can be used for a family of 2-3 people; a stainless steel electric kettle of about 1.8L can be used for 4-5 people.

2. Carefully check the product logo and description, as well as product performance and parameters, such as company name, address, specifications (such as capacity), model, trademark, voltage parameters, power parameters, power properties, etc.; there should be warnings to prevent misuse Language, there should be detailed usage methods, etc.

3. Purchase heat preservation stainless steel electric kettles and fast stainless steel electric kettles with temperature control function. Some new stainless steel electric kettles generally have temperature control functions. After the water is boiled, the power will be automatically cut off, which can effectively prevent being caused by unattended Dry burning to avoid all kinds of accidents.

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