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Tips for cleaning scale in kettle

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Almost every household will have a kettle. After using it for a long time, a lot of scale will accumulate at the bottom and edge. If it is not cleaned in time, it will affect our health to continue drinking the water from this kettle.

The cleaning method is also very simple. When we boil the water, we pour two spoonfuls of white vinegar into the water. White vinegar can soften scale.

Then boil the water. After boiling, most of the scale will be removed. If there are some stubborn scale, we can be careful and brush it again. Scale softened by white vinegar can be easily scrubbed clean.

Next, we will pour out the water and rinse the kettle with clear water. You will find that the scale at the bottom of the kettle has been completely removed and become very clean.

You can also drop one or two drops of white vinegar in the kettle when boiling water at ordinary times, which can effectively prevent the formation of scale, and drinking some white vinegar water is also helpful to our health.

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