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Cleaning Cheats for Stainless steel tableware

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How to use the Stainless steel tableware correctly, I believe everyone can control it well. However, in the process of daily use, it is inevitable that the pot will be stained with some stains, especially some stubborn stains that are difficult to clean.

No matter how good or expensive the pot is, if you don’t pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, it will become a dirty and broken pot, which makes people not interested in using it to make delicious food. So today we will teach you how to properly clean stainless steel pots.

Three elements of stainless steel pot cleaning

1. Do not use a wire brush

The scrubbing effect of the scouring pad and the action of the cleaning agent are enough to deal with the daily cleaning of the stainless steel pot and most of the stains. Although stainless steel pots are not as fragile as non-stick pots, if they are cleaned with a wire brush for a long time, it will still cause a certain degree of damage to the pot body. Not only will the pot lose its original specular luster, but it will even make the pot more likely to remain stains. So unless special circumstances, do not use a wire brush.

Stainless steel tableware

2. When the temperature is too high, it must be cooled first and then cleaned

Everyone already knows that our stainless steel pots only need medium and low heat when using them. If you accidentally use a high fire and cause the pot body to overheat, stick to the pot or burn, remember not to use cold water to rinse it directly. You can put the pot aside first, and then rinse it with cold water when the temperature of the pot body drops to a certain level. If you need to rinse right away, use hot water.

3. Please dry it immediately after cleaning

This is crucial for pots of all materials, especially iron pots. If the iron pot after use is not cleaned and dried in time, the residual water stains will make the surface of the iron pot rusty soon. I believe this has been encountered in our daily life.

Although our stainless steel pot is not easy to rust, the residual water stains and detergent will still have a certain impact on the surface of the pot, and even yellowing. So please dry it immediately after every cleaning. At the same time, it is also recommended that you also dry the water in the pot and the bottom of the pot before using the heating, so as to ensure that the pot does not turn yellow or burn to the greatest extent.

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